About CTP Packaging Europe

CTP Packaging Europe is a marketing and sales company that is active in the in-mould industry as well as in specialised packaging. Over the years we have gathered a vast knowledge and experience in the field of IML material, printing, die cutting and which materials to use for the various IML applications. We work very closely with ink manufacturers, printing machine manufacturers, packaging in-mould manufacturers, automation and in-mould injection companies. Therefore we can offer a total service to our customers.


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Through experience we have found that in an environment of change, brand leaders consistently seek packaging partners who provide quality, service, reliability and value.

These traditions are the foundation of CTP Packaging’s reputation.



Our exposure to brand leaders demands our focus on:


  • Applicable technology
  • Disciplined processes and measurable outputs
  • Optimising supply chain costs



CTP recognise that resources are limited and IML should therefore:


  • Use renewable resources
  • Not drain the environment
  • Contribute towards the supply chain’s efforts in minimising impact on the environment


Customer commitment

Our customer is a key stakeholder in our business and as part of our commitment we provide:


  • Expert advice
  • Innovation
  • Highly professional personalised attention
  • Core competence matched to customer requirements
  • Continues improvement and challenges to the status quo
  • International Research and Development
  • Logistical service and support internationally



Supply chain management philosophy requires that:


  • Raw materials are sourced globally for competitiveness
  • Only ISO suppliers are used
  • Stability, quality and reliability are key determinants for selection
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