Advantages of Injection Mould label

  • Lower cost than other other labeling methods.
  • No extra labeling step or post labeling, just 'fill & seal'.
  • Higher packaging line speed.
  • In-house container inventory is either reduced or eliminated and warehousing shifted to moulders, that makes 'JIT' delivery possible.
  • Light weight of containers, because label displaces synthetic granulate equal to own volume (gram weight of granulate savings of 10-15%).
  • Better appearance and durability.
  • Significant reduction in label defects by application.
  • Resistant to product staining.
  • Improvement of side wall strength of a container up to 120%.
  • The label becomes a part of bottle or container, therefore it allows bottle to flex and be squeezed without label separation.
  • Best performance of labeling, because IM-IML is a part of a container wall. It cannot be peeled off as a PS or glue-on label can.



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