What is Injection Mould In-Mould label (IM-IML)?

The Injection Mould In-Mould labeling is a pre-decorating technique. The preprinted synthetic monofoil substrate will be applied on a container during the container injection forming procedure. The process is often called the pre-decoration process.


There are two label application methods in the market:

1. Cut & stack and

2. Cut-in-place.

IM-IML offers superior creative graphics possibilities compared to the direct printed or direct screen printed container solution. IM-IML are die-cut labels shaped to cover all four sides and bottom of a rectangular container or cut-in-place label wrapped around the cylindrical container i.e. small and large paint containers or buckets.


The substrate and labeling technology of IM-IML

Most of the Injection Mould labeling materials are synthetic monofoil substrates.
The so called biaxal oriented polypropylene (BOPP or OPP). BOPP is a multi layer co-extruded film, available either cavitated white or transparent. One of the layers contains – depending on the manufacturer – an antistatic layer. This antistatic layer is designed to improve the converting and application processes. Some of the white films have two specified surfaces, one for printing and other for the moulding. The printing surface is either glossy or matt with certain structure and the thickness of the substrate varies between 45-75 micron.

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